Aysha Miskin is a fine artist based in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Her work encompasses painting, drawing, murals, zines, and embroidery, and implores viewers to start saying things that don’t fall within social norms.

Aysha’s art is an exploration of intricate line work with a concentration on unique imagery and characters. People struggling to find their place inspire her most of all. She loves experimenting with watercolors and intriguing detail to create a familiar and whimsical experience for the viewer.

Finding inspiration in imperfection and unconventional beauty, Aysha hopes to change perspectives by providing an alternate point of view on the typical state of our world.

Aysha is a student of the University of North Florida.



Artist Statement

“Translating my own observations in color-soaked images filled with authentic moments, feminine characters, and humor, it’s my hope to remind humanity to stop asking, ‘why?’ and instead ask, ‘why not?’”