Starting this Friday (February 1st, 2019) I will be kicking off my 100 day challenge of embroidering one eye EVERY SINGLE DAY till Sunday, May 12, 2019.

The rules are simple:

-clock how long it takes to sew each eye

-weekly blog post about with photos and updates

-post progress daily on Instagram

I’m also registering my project at the100dayproject.com just to hold myself 100% accountable!

follow along at @ayshastar on Instagram


I’m fashionable late to the party but I finally wrote up my NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!

-Keep the US Postal system alive by sending Birthday and Thank You cards

-Get cultured daily.

-Blog weekly for the interesting life you think you lead.

-Embroider 100 eyes in 100 days

-Start a monthly drawing club and invite EVERYONE!

-Meet more strangers

-Make art

-Drink a glass of water between each vodka.

Heres to holding myself accountable to checking off each of my resolutions!

Updates to follow on my weekly blog.


Hello People of the Internet!

What can I say about myself…Im 28, and if thats too old, I get it. Like fruit I’ve reached my experience date. I should have my life figured out but grand circumstance had other plans. Im chasing a dead dream of some cliche life I probably saw in a french film once. (So maybe I do sound like a teenager with an iPhone…at least I’m living my life on my own terms?… GET OFF MY BACK MOM!

If you really want to know more about me and the journey I’m on, I invite you and all the people you hate to follow along as I attempt to blog once (maybe twice) a week for the next year.